Screwed Gas Risers

The company provide a range of gas services to various high-profile customers. For years we have enjoyed working with these companies to provide an excellent standard of work, in a fast and safe manner.

Welded Gas Risers

Welding forms a central role within the company; providing the business with a range of welding methods ably supported by a competent team of welders each being trained to the respective requirements of the work and competent to undertake high standard welding subject to formal inspection.

PE Gas Risers

Not very often, we are asked by our clients to install PE risers into buildings. While this is not standard practice, our engineers are qualified through WASK, having attended the required courses, and obtained the necessary qualifications to fit WASK fittings and to install PE risers.

Stainless Steel Gas Risers

Occasionally we are asked by our clients to install stainless steel risers. The criteria for where we install this is usually down to the client’s preference, but you will more likely find stainless steel risers in coastal towns due to the high atmospheric salt content.

Gas Manifolds

Part of our work with the GDN’s involves constructing new gas manifolds for new buildings. Gas manifolds are usually found in new blocks of flats or new buildings which serve multiple gas services.

Spools & Welding

A full and complete record of each welder’s competency is maintained through their work being subject to full mechanical and metallurgical analysis.

Civils Work

A significant proportion of work completed requires suitable foundations, structural concrete and minor building or in the case of pipeline replacement and repair necessitating the need for deep excavations and reinstatement.

Access Deterrent Measures

Our contract with Bagnalls is part of Cadent’s Anti-Vandal Guard improvements for protecting above ground mains pipes.

Working at Heigh Platforms

Due to our welding specialties, we have always been able to construct and install working at height platforms. These works are normally completed on an as and when basis as required by Cadent or National Grid.

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