Oakridge Towers


Oakridge Towers, Basingstoke


RG21 5LQ

This project started in July 2018 and was completed October 2018. We were tasked by the client to install a replacement gas riser system. The works involved:


  • 2x 12 storey scaffolds
  • 2 x 90mm mains to base
  • 18m of 90mm mains to riser base
  • 192m of 32mm crimped PE riser
  • 72m of 63mm crimped PE riser
  • 144m of 32mm crimped PE lateral
  • 144m of 63mm crimped PE lateral
  • 24m of 3” welded steel riser
  • 48 lateral entry points
  • 43 x lateral valves

This project was allocated to us where we had to replace the gas mains & services feeding this property in Basingstoke. At the request of the client and property agents, the riser was constructed in PE plastic