Grove Court



Brighton and Hove, Hove


This was a reactive project started in February 2023 and was completed April 2023.


  • 1x 10 storey scaffold & 1x 11 storey scaffold
  • 58m of <1’’ welded riser
  • 94m of <1’’ welded lateral
  • 14 lateral entry points
  • 3 x lateral valves

This was a reactive job; the client’s depot cut off the existing gas supply as a precautionary measure after a gas escape on the existing gas supply. We were tasked by the client to install a replacement gas riser system. As this was a gas off project and not planned replacement works, the residents were already of gas, so the engineers had to work long hours to make sure the residents were back on gas as soon as possible.
As this work was in Hove and very close to the Atlantic Ocean, the pipework could not be constructed in the usual steel so stainless steel was used due to its ability to withstand the increased salt in the air.