Avondale Square


East Point, Centre Point, West Point, Avondale Square



This project started in September 2022 and was completed January 2024. We were tasked by the client to install a replacement gas riser system to 3x 20-storey blocks just off Old Kent Road, London.


  • 6 x 90mm mains to bases
  • 145m of excess pipework
  • 882m of <1’’ welded laterals
  • 492m of 2’’ welded risers
  • 240m of 3’’ welded risers
  • 222 lateral entry points
  • 10m of excess pipework

Our responsibility for the job was to act as Principal Contractor and as such were in charge of CDM for the site which included planning, managing and coordinating the entire construction phase, producing a construction phase plan, managing health and safety throughout the construction phase, control of subcontractors, ensure site is safe for contractors, employees, members of the public & take steps to prevent unauthorised access to the site.
There were several challenges on these works. Our project was due to start around a similar time to a City of London sprinkler system replacement project was due to start. We held several pre-commencement meetings and also weekly calls to maintain a level of communication between the parties to make sure our works did not interfere with each other.
We started working on East Point in September 2022 and gradually progressed our way through Centre Point and finished on West Point.
Mast climbers were used for the WAH solutions and hoarding was constructed around the base of each building to deter and prevent access to the working areas.


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate in contacting our CLO’s on the contact information below.

Phone: 01322 333921

Alternative Phone: 0800 500 3025

E-mail: SamPreston@ghpreston.com

E-mail: Enquiries@ghpreston.com

Will I need to take time off work?

A. No, our engineers will work around you. As long as you have given your contact details, the engineers will be able to arrange a visit to best suit you; they work evenings and weekends. However if you are free in the weekday, you will have a much better chance of an appointment, which will cause you minimal issues at a later date.

Will the balance on my gas meter be affected?

A. No. The balance you currently have on your gas meter at the point of the meter move will be the same balance shown on the gas meter on reconnection.

Do I need to inform my gas shipper?

A. No. The works will not affect your balance and will not affect the amount of gas you use.

Will I be without gas?

A. This depends on if you have had your work completed prior to the disconnection date. If both appointments have been completed and your meter has been moved to the new system prior to the disconnection, your gas will see no interruption If your meter has NOT been moved to the new system at the point of disconnection then your property will be cut off gas and you will need to arrange for the engineers to come back to your property which may not be immediate as they will have other works to move onto.

What if I haven’t had my meter moved on to the new supply yet?

A. This is why it is important to provide your details at the earliest opportunity. This can be done via phone, letter, text, speaking to CLO, or speaking to the team carrying out the work onsite. You will need to book an appointment with the riser team or meter fitter carrying out the work. Their number can be found on one of the previous letters sent, or you can call the office to arrange an appointment on the below contact details.

I don’t currently use gas but might change my appliances to gas in the future, should I make someone aware of this?

A. Yes. If you don’t currently use gas but might do in the future, you will need to obtain a ‘Meter Point Reference Number.’ We cannot install a gas supply until you have obtained this and we will only be able to leave a valve outside your property for future use. If you obtain an MPRN number while we are still working on the property, we can install a gas supply

I have a gas meter but do not want gas – Do these works need to be completed?

A. This depends on if you are a tenant or property owner. If you own the property, then at your discretion, you can choose to not have the works done. If you are a leaseholder or tenant, the works need to be completed.

Will I be charged for these works

A. No. These works are FOC and there will be no cost to the residents or freeholders.

Do you have permission for these works with the landlords / property agents or council?

A. Yes. Depending on if your building is council owned or managed by a property agent, SGN have agreed with the relevant party that the works can go ahead prior to the residents receiving any notification of works. If you are the freeholder of a property, these works can be refused at your discretion, however the gas supply will be disconnected.

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